Most Cash Registers came standered with an Amount Purchased top sign. National, Hallwood, American and others had the option of purchasing a personalized top sign for your register that would have said the owners name, business name, or a generic saying like "Call Again" or "Get A Receipt". In addition to this, you had the option of special ordering a personalized breast plate or back plate. Below are pictures of some of the personalized top signs, breast plates and back plates I have found over the years. Enjoy!!

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(early 1000 class top sign)

(early mid-size dolphin top sign)

(early scroll top sign, Model 2 or 3)

(400 Class Empire Case) From 1901 U.S.S. Missouri Battleship

( 442-EL lighted top sign)

(early small rennissance top sign)

(500 class lighted top sign)

(glass top sign)

(Hallwood "Eagle" top sign)

(Hallwood "Owl" top sign)

(Hallwood Cash register top signs)

(National personalized back plates) Top Center: Small Rennissance, Left top and bottom: Mid-sized Rennissance, Top Right: Extended Base Dolphin, Botttom Left: Mid-sized Dolphin