Below are some antique cash registers and other related items I have for sale. Please contact me at if you have any questions or would like to purchase an item. Thank you!

* I have many machines available in all price ranges, Please email me with what you are looking for.*


National Model #5

Description: Bronze Feur-De-Lis case, older restoration, Delivered 1904

Price: SOLD


National Model #2 Woody

Description: Mahogany case with Clamshell inlay, A very nice example of an unrestored 119 year old machine. Delevered 1889

Price: $ Please Inquire


St. Louis Cash Register

Description: Restored, Antiqued metal case, Lever operated, Nicknamed "The Cheese Cutter" 1918-1925

Price: SOLD


National Model 313 Special Edition

Description: The model 313 Special Edition was produced by National Cash Register in 1984 to commerate their 100th Anniversary. They were only available to employees, retirees, and stock holders. The machine comes with the original paperwork and is in like new condition.



National Model 313

Description: This is an excellent example of the famous "Candy Store" size machine. It is all original in unrestored condition. They don't get much nicer than this one if your into originality. Produced June 1911

Price: SOLD

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National Model ______

Description: _____________

Price: $________